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søndag 19. september 2010

Sandefjord 1801: Statistical trivia

The census of 1801 contains 373 persons in a total of 73 household in two streets: Væstre Gade and Østre Gade: Western and Eastern street with 39 and 34 households respectively.

In terms of individual souls the two streets were even more equal: Østre Gade had 185 inhabitants; Væstre Gade, 188.

There were 172 people of the male persuasion, and 201 of the female.

In Væstre Gade the numbers of males and females were equal; in Østre Gade, nearly 58% were female, and only 42% male.

The males were, at 29.25 years, on average slightly younger than the females at 30.21; overall, the average age was around 29.9 years.

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