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søndag 19. september 2010


Sandefjord is a small town in Norway. 

Anywhere else in Europe, the place would have been called a village, but we have ambitions, and call ourselves a town. 

The only reason we do not promote the use of the term "city" is that there really is no good equivalent in the Norwegian language. There is certainly no cathedral there, in case you wondered.

So: town it is, and no harm is done.

And as a town, it has a history - officially it came into being in the 1840's - as a separate municipality - in reality as as a much older settlement.

It is to that settlement this blog is dedicated. Or, rather, to the men, women and children who lived there at various dates that can be documented: on the day of the census of 1801, the tax list from 1762, and so on.

The blog doesn't pretend to be scientific. It does endeavour to be testable, though, so for whatever entry appears here there is, also, a little piece of work with annotations, sources, footnotes and the like.

Anyone who wishes to may ask for that version of tings by writing to

And anyone who might want to contribute beyond a comment, may use the same.

I wish you an excellent day, week, month, year, century and millennium.

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