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lørdag 8. oktober 2011

The Geography

There isn't all that much material to illuminate the geography of the little town of Sandefjord through its history, but in the present context and by a stroke of luck, a map was drawn up in, exactly, 1801.

This map is the basis for a description of the oldest network of streets by Roar L. Tollnes, published by Sandar Historielag in 1995 in the series "Kulturminner" and available electronically at

The article contains descriptions, history and some analysis (in the Norwegian language) as well as a facsimile of the map itself (and a re-scan / republication of this might be useful):

Bykart Sandefjord

A somewhat later but, one presumes, a geographically similar, Sandefjord can be inspected in a separate article by Tollnes (see on the boundaries and extensions of Sandefjord:

Kart Sandefjord 1828

And later developments:

Sandefjordskart med grenser

The last maps shows the boundaries of the town at various times of its history until it was (re-) absorbed by rural municipality of Sandar from which it had originally emerged.

As an experiment: a Google map showing the location of some of the buildings from 1801 in the context of the modern town centre:

View Larger Map

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